About Us

Veldt was founded in 2006 as a design company that is inspired by nature. Originally we only applied our designs to fabrics for home-ware, but the wonderful response to our clean, fresh design ethic has allowed us to extend our range into ceramics, clothing, soft-furnishings and even bespoke furniture.

Our absolute commitment to stylish eco-conscious living means that we focus on using really high quality, natural & sustainable substrates (such as hemp and hemp-cotton blends) and processes (such as hand made ceramics & silk-screening by hand) instead of mass produced industrial prints. We also believe in the myriad benefits of community and use only high quality local suppliers and partners with whom we have built honest and long-lasting relationships over the years.

Veldt products are now available in home décor shops, boutique clothing stores and gift shops across South Africa, and have been exported to Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, London and Germany in Europe.  Veldt has previously launched new ranges at Decorex in Johannesburg, The Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town, and the Top Drawer trade show in London.

We rely on the natural world to inspire the structure, imagery and colours of our patterns and we believe our quality must also be absolute.  Through stringent quality processes we are committed to delivering world-class joy into your home, with African flair

The team:


Veldt was started by Laura Hewgill in late 2006 and has grown to a team of 7 including a small in-house production team that does product development, custom ranges and smaller run orders.


Laura still leads the design and product development of Veldt and is supported in the leadership of the business Anneleigh Jacobsen on marketing and business strategy, and Philippa Mohr who runs production and HR.

Laura’s background in art and textile design has seen her work in the textile industries both in the UK and locally in SA, and lead to her development of the design-driven offering of the Veldt brand.

Philippa is a highly experienced sourcing and production manager, and is committed to developing the growth and usage of hemp based products in SA in order to create a new industry with huge potential to create businesses and job opportunities around this sustainable and versatile product.

Anneleigh has fifteen years of corporate fmcg and consulting experience in brand development, management and growth having started with the launch of Pantene in SA and progressed through brands such as Bakers, Five Roses and Frisco before managing full categories and then consulting to businesses and business units of various mid to large sized companies on the understanding, growth and strategic use of their brands as business drivers.


Zoë Ball  is our dedicated Veldt sales representative. Having a blend of hard-core project management and a flair for relationship driven sales, Zoe brings real energy and enthusiasm to Veldt and will move mountains if at all possible to ensure that our business and yours work together to create mutual growth while enjoying the ride!